Welcome to The Sycamore Road.

Handmade American furniture, designed to last for lifetimes.  Custom solid wood furniture for classic and contemporary styles.

Founded on the core principles of Dream. Design. Create.

Sycamore Road listens to your Dream.  We Design and collaborate with you.  Then we source only the finest materials and Create a one of a kind, hand-crafted materpiece.

Or simply visit our shop page to select one of our pre-designed collection pieces.

About The Sycamore Road

The Sycamore Road is a personalized experience.  We encourage our clients to be part of the process to Design a custom piece of art for their home.  The Sycamore Road services include: hand selected wood, custom wood and metal fabrication, exquisite epoxy work and personalization.  We aim to make every piece unique to our client.  We recently added a large format CNC router machine to our shop.

The process begins with a DREAM.  The Sycamore Road can accommodate a variety of furniture styles and sizes.  Our clients will work with The Sycamore Road and watch their DREAM become a DESIGN.  Our clients will be able to collaborate in each aspect of the design process; from choosing the wood species to adding specialized metalwork and even custom logos/family crests/phrases/etc.  The Sycamore Road will CREATE our clients vision that will last generations.

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